Production Experience:

* World Premiere

** Jeff Award Winner, Best Scenic Design

3dx Scenic

Cincinnati, OH; October 2019 - Present

Charge Scenic Artist

Oak Island Creative

Crestwood, KY: August 2019 - October 2019

Scenic Artist

Hallo-Scream | Kentucky Kingdom

Actors Theatre of Louisville

Louisville, KY: July 2016 - 2019

Scenic Charge Artist. Supervised by Justin Hagovsky, Technical Director.


Everybody Black* | Kristin Robinson, Scenic Designer

The Thin Place* | Kristin Robinson, Scenic Designer

Pipeline | Michael Carnahan, Scenic Designer

A Doll's House, Part 2 | Reid Thompson, Scenic Designer

Curious Incident of the Dog... | Kristin Robinson, Scenic Designer

Dracula | Paul Owen, Scenic Designer

Do You Feel Anger?* | Arnulfo Maldonado, Scenic Designer

You Across From Me* | Arnulfo Maldonado, Scenic Designer

God Said This* | Arnulfo Maldonado, Scenic Designer

We, The Invisibles* | William Boles, Scenic Designer

Little Bunny Foo Foo* | Laura Jellinek, Scenic Designer

The Santaland Diaries | William Boles, Scenic Designer

Skeleton Crew | Michael Carnahan, Scenic Designer

Angels in America, Parts 1 & 2 | William Boles, Scenic Designer

Airness* | Deb O, Scenic Designer

Recent Alien Abductions* | Dane Laffrey, Scenic Designer

We're Gonna Be Okay* | Dane Laffrey, Scenic Designer

The Many Deaths of Nathan Stubblefield* | William Boles, Scenic Designer

I Now Pronounce* | William Boles, Scenic Designer

Cry It Out* | William Boles, Scenic Designer

Circle Mirror Transformation | Dane Laffrey, Scenic Designer

Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill | Michael Shweikhardt, Scenic Designer

Macbeth | Drew Boyce, Scenic Designer

Detroit '67 | Kate Edmunds, Scenic Designer

The 39 Steps | William Boles, Scenic Designer

Utah Shakespeare Festival

Cedar City, UT: May 2016 - July 2016

Scenic Charge Artist. Supervised by Emily Erdman, Technical Director.


Mary Poppins | Jo Winiarski, Scenic Designer

The Cocoanuts | Jo Winiarski, Scenic Designer

Cleveland Play House

Cleveland, OH: August 2014 - May 2016

Scenic Charge Artist. Supervised by Joe Martin, Director of Production.


Steel Magnolias | Vicki Smith, Scenic Designer

The Good Peaches* | Philp Whitcomb, Scenic Designer

Mr. Wolf | Timothy Mackabee, Scenic Designer

Luna Gale | Michael Schweikardt, Scenic Designer

Two Gentleman of Verona | Laura Carlson-Tarantowski, Scenic Designer

The Mountaintop | Wilson Chin, Scenic Designer

Little Shop of Horrors | Philip Whitcomb, Scenic Designer

The Crucible | Scott Bradley, Scenic Designer

A Comedy of Tenors* | Charlie Corchron, Scenic Designer

Fairfield* | Timothy Mackabee, Scenic Designer

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike | Bill Clarke, Scenic Designer

A Christmas Story | Robert Mark Morgan, Scenic Designer

How We Got On | Lauren Halpern, Scenic Designer

The Little Foxes | Lex Liang, Scenic Designer

The Philadelphia Story | Cameron Michalak, Scenic Designer

The Three Sisters | Cameron Michalak, Scenic Designer

Contemporary American Theatre Festival

Shepherdstown, WV: May-July 2011-15

Scenic Charge Artist. Supervised by Patrick Wallace, Director of Production.


Everything You Touch* | David Barber, Scenic Designer

On Clover Road* | David Barber, Scenic Designer

World Builders* | Robert Klingelhoefer, Scenic Designer

We Are Pussy Riot* | Peter Ksander, Scenic Designer

The Full Catastrophe* | Peter Ksander, Scenic Designer

North of the Boulevard | David Barber, Scenic Designer

One Night | David Barber, Scenic Designer

The Ashes Under Gait City* | Luciana Stecconi, Scenic Designer

Dead & Breathing* | Luciana Stecconi, Scenic Designer

Uncanny Valley* | Jesse Dreikosen, Scenic Designer

Scott & Hem...* | David Barber, Scenic Designer

Modern Terrorism | David Barber, Scenic Designer

A Discourse...* | Luciana Stecconi, Scenic Designer

Heartless | Luciana Stecconi, Scenic Designer

H20* | David Barber, Scenic Designer

Captors | David Barber, Scenic Designer

In A Forest Dark & Deep | David Barber, Scenic Designer

Barcelona* | Luciana Stecconi, Scenic Designer

The Exceptionals | Luciana Stecconi, Scenic Designer

Gideon's Knot* | Peggy McKowen, Scenic Designer

From Prague* | Peggy McKowen, Scenic Designer

Race | Katharine Kawecki, Scenic Designer

Ages of the Moon | Katharine Kawecki, Scenic Designer

We Are Here | Katharine Kawecki, Scenic Designer

The Insurgents | Peggy McKowen, Scenic Designer

Scenic Artist. 2009. Supervised by Susan Peters, Charge Scenic Artist.

A History of Light | Robert Klingelhoefer, Scenic Designer

Yankee Tavern | Robert Klingelhoefer, Scenic Designer

Dear Sarah Jane | Peggy McKowen, Scenic Designer

Fifty Words | Robert Klingelhoefer, Scenic Designer

Farragut North | Robert Klingelhoefer, Scenic Designer


Left Wing Scenic

Chicago, IL: October 2012 - January 2014

Scenic Charge Artist. Supervised by Matt Kollar, Owner


The How & The Why | Timeline Theatre | Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer

Hedda Gabler | Writers' Theare | Jack MaGaw, Scenic Designer

Rose & The Rime* | House Theatre of Chicago | Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer

The Nutcracker | House Theatre of Chicago | Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer

Thomas & Friends | RWS & Associates/Grand Geneva Resort | Joe Ledu, Scenic Designer

Geneva Christmas | RWS & Associates/Grand Geneva Resort | Joe Ledu, Scenic Designer

Northanger Abbey | Remy Bumppo Theatre Company | Jackie & Richard Penrod, Scenic Designers

Iron Stag King* | House Theatre of Chicago | Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer

The Crownless King* | House Theatre of Chicago | Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer

The Excelsior King* | House Theatre of Chicago | Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer

The Coronation of Poppea | Northwestern University | William Boles, Scenic Designer

Death and Harry Houdini* | House Theatre of Chicago | Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer

I Will Kiss These Walls* | Albany Park Theatr Project | Scott Neale, Scenic Designer

The Grapes of Wrath | Northwestern University | William Boles, Scenic Designer

Sweet Charity | Writers' Theatre | William Boles, Scenic Designer

Creditors | Remy Bumppo Theatre Company | Jeff Bauer, Scenic Designer

Ploughed Under* | House Theatre of Chicago | Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer

You Never Can Tell | Remy Bumppo Theatre Company | Tim Mann, Scenic Designer

To Master the Art | Chicago Commercial Collective | Auriela Cohen, Scenic Designer

A Twist of Water* | Route 66 (Mercury Theare) | Steven Carmondy, Scenic Designer

The Color Purple | Mercury Theatre | Bob Knuth, Scenic Designer

Assistant Charge Artist. 2012. Supervised by Emily Altman, Scenic Charge Artist.

Seascape** | Remy Bumppo Theatre Company | Angela Webber Miller, Scenic Designer

The Iron Stag King* | House Theatre of Chicago | Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer


TriArts Playhouse

Sharon, CT: May - August 2010

Scenic Artist. Supervised by Holly Diaz, Charge Scenic Artist


Oklahoma! | Erik Diaz, Scenic Designer

The Wedding Singer | Erik Diaz, Scenic Designer

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee | Erik Diaz, Scenic Designer

Freelance Scenic Art Experience: 2009 - 2014

A Civil War Christmas* | Dobama Theatre | Ben Needham, Scenic Designer | Charge Artist

In The Garden** | Lookingglass Theatre | Collette Pollard, Scenic Designer | Charge Artist

Seminar | Haven Theatre Company | Joana Iwanicka, Scenic Designer | Charge Artist

Boojum!* | Caffeine Theare | Mariana Csazar, Scenic Designer | Charge Artist

Avenue Q | Shepherd University | Patrick Wallace, Production Manager | Charge Artist

Sweeney Todd | Patrick Wallace, Scenic Designer | Charge Artist

The Passions of Emma Goldman* | Shpiel | Dennis Zacek, Director | Scenic Designer/Charge Artist

Invasion of Skokie* | Shpiel | Rachel Harvith, Director | Scenic Designer/Charge Artist

Milkcrates | Raven Theare | Javon Johnson, Director | Scenic Designer/Charge Artist

Frankenfood* | Spike TV | Catherine Connell, Art Director | Scenic Artist

The Book Thief | Steppenwolf Theatre | Melissa Rutherfoord, Charge Artist | Scenic Artist

The Rosie O'Donnell Show | Harpo Studios | Jim Lichon, Art Director | Scenic Artist

Jack & the Beanstalk | Watford Palace Theatre | Cleo Pettitt, Scenic Designer | Scenic Artist

The Oprah Winfrey Show | Harpo Studios | Jim Lichon, Art Director | Scenic Artist

Romeo & Juliet | Chicago Shakespeare | Brian S. Bembridge, Scenic Designer | Scenic Artist

Various Productions | Ravenswood Studio | Roland Oria, Charge Artist | Scenic Artist

Various Productions | Redbox Workshop | Amy Holman, Charge Artist | Scenic Artist

Various Productions | Means of Production | Steph Charaska, Charge Artist | Scenic Artist

Training & Education:

- DePaul University | Chicago, IL | BFA Scenic Design

- Central School of Speech & Drama | London, England | BA Scenic Art Short Term Course

- Cobalt Studios | White Lake, NY | Summer Scene Painting

Special Skills & Awards:

Faux finishes, Translucencies, Foam Carving, Spray Guns (HVLP, Airless, Hudson, Hopper), Cartooning, Layout, Signwring, Backdrops, Wallpapeing, Bamboo, Drafting (Hand, AutoCAD), Basic Sewing, Basic Power Tools, Valid Drivers License, CPR/First Responder Training

1st Place | Young Scenic Artists Award | The Painter's Journal | 2010


- Patrick Wallace | Regional Rigging Manager, PSAV |

- Braden Blauser | Assoc. Technical Director, Actors Theatre |

- William Boles | Scenic Designer |